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Influencer Brand Development

3 Ways to Secure Brand Endorsements

Brand endorsements are a great way to expand your reach and gain new followers. And, not to mention, earn a steady paycheck! But it can take a lot of time and effort to develop these relationships. If you're new to the world of sponsored posts, here are three of the best ways to secure brand endorsements.

Cold Call or Email

When you find a brand you want to work with, you can start by calling or sending an email. This will work best if you reach the right person first, so don't call customer service. Track down the number or email address of their social media marketing manager or CEO if they're a smaller company.

Mention Them

Start using their products or services on your own and mention them in your posts. Get your followers to start tweeting or posting about you and the brand doing a collaboration together. Don't spam the brand, but make it well known that you already use and love their products or services and they'll be more likely to get back to you.

Work with an Agency

Partnering with a talent development agency can open up a wide network of brands that are ready to endorse influencers just like you. Your manager will be able to help you define an influencer brand development strategy, and work brand endorsements into it. This is often the quickest and easiest way to get new deals.

Get Started Today

Agency 133 is a social media marketing agency for influencers and talent in the niche sports industry. This includes athletes, on-air talent, and social media influencers. If you'd like to learn more about what we do, please give us a call at 949-874-8874 or send an email to and we'll be happy to discuss the possibilities.

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