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Influencer Management

What Does an Influencer Talent Manager Do?

There will come a time in your career where you start to think you might need a manager. It might be right at the beginning, or it might be a few years down the road. Regardless, if you've been thinking more about this lately, here's an idea of what you can expect with influencer management.

Management - Your brand is now a business and we can help you manage it. This includes business strategy and planning, money management, guidance on charity endeavors, controversy response and recovery, and more.

Endorsements - Getting the right brands to endorse you and using these brand partnerships to fulfill your marketing objectives without alienating your audience is all in a day's work for an influencer talent manager. Put us to the test.

Brand Development - Your brand is your online identity and we can help you build a unique, authentic, and recognizable one across all the social media platforms your audience is on. This also relates to logos, merch, and trademarks.

Social Strategy - There's more to being a social media influencer than posting something funny every once in a while. A well-defined strategy will help you gain new followers, secure brand deals, and build your online community of loyal fans.

Content Creation - Creating the right content at the right time is the key to social media success. We can help you develop original, valuable content that speaks to your audience while still remaining true to your brand values.

Influencer Management with Agency 133

At Agency 133, we're dedicated to providing niche sport athletes and on-air talent with high-quality brand management services, including all of the above. To learn more about what we can do for you, please give us a call at 949-874-8874 or send an email to

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