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Social Media Marketing For Talent

Why Hire Social Media Marketing for Talent

Being well-known on the internet is a lot of work. There's over 3 billion people who use social media every day. That's almost 50% of the world's population! It's no wonder that it can be hard to build an audience in such a crowded space. That's where a Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube talent agency can come in handy. Why should you work with one of these teams? Here are a few reasons why.

Avoid Mistakes

Yes, we're all human and mistakes happen. At some point in your career, you're probably going to do or say something that offends a large portion of your audience. A social media marketing agency can help you minimize the occurrences and develop a recovery plan for when it happens.

Work with Brands

Working with a YouTube talent agency can help you locate and connect with brands and sponsors that would be appealing to your audience. When you work with brands, you get a lot of benefits including steady income, bigger reach, and more followers. Social media marketing for talent can help you find the right opportunities.

Develop Your Identity

You probably already have an identity on the internet. It's who your audience expects you to be. But does your Facebook audience imagine you to be the same person that your Instagram audience does? If not, a social media marketing agency can help you develop a cohesive identity so your audience is never confused.

Work with Agency 133

Agency 133 works with social media influencers of all types including niche sport athletes and on-air talent. For more information about what it's like to work with us, please give us a call at 949-874-8874 or send us an email at We'll be happy to discuss our services in more depth and see how we can work best together!

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