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After some reasonable success competing in NHRA Pro Stock in 2016 and 2017, Hartford moved to the forefront in category in 2018 scoring a class win in tremendous style at the NHRA Nationals in Houston, TX. The performance of the car in 2018, has at times been brilliant for the Total Seal Pro Stock team with several events where they qualified in the ultra-elite top half of the field.


But Hartford clearly understands all the elements that need to come together to score class wins which includes the race day set-up by correctly reading track conditions, and of course driving a car in a class that win light can often be determined by a minuscule ten thousand of a second. Essentially, knowing, understanding and thriving for everything to be perfect.


Moving into 2019, Hartford plans to compete at all NHRA Pro Stock events offered and racing for the championship. Hartford understands how difficult winning the championship will be and is thankful for the support he receives from a multitude of sponsors.  His current partners are Total Seal, CIP 1, Hose Connection, Rob’s Towing, Curry Transportation, Weld Wheel and of course Kenny Koretsky with a multitude of his companies.

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